Not Even Once of the Day: A Florida woman was arrested yesterday for burning down the fifth oldest tree in the world while smoking meth inside of it.

The iconic 118-foot Seminole County cypress tree known as The Senator, estimated to be some 3,500 years old, burned to the ground in January following what police believed to be an arson attack.

But a Crimeline tip led investigators to 26-year-old Sarah Barnes, who confessed to setting it alight while smoking meth with a friend inside the tree. 

“I can’t believe I burned down a tree older than Jesus,” Barnes allegedly told friend while showing them photos of the burning tree she snapped with her cellphone. 

Barnes was booked into Seminole County Jail on a felony charge of intentional burning of land, as well as drug charges.

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I fucking hate you, Florida. I fucking hate you every day that I haven’t left. I hate that not a single word of this story surprises me. I originially heard that this tree was burned down by lightning and thought “eh, after 3,500 years I guess it was bound to happen.” Oh course the more obvious answer would go back to someone smoking meth.

(Source: thedailywhat)